A second job on the sly

Bossy attitudes

Sir, – I read with interest Pilita Clark’s article regarding remote workers who manage to hold down two jobs and the displeasure it creates among employers (“‘Double dipping’: why managers worry that staff have a second job on the sly”, Business, November 27th).

I don’t understand the employers’ problem with this. If the employee competently performs the work they were hired to do, what business is it of the employers if the employee chooses to extend himself to holding down two jobs? Obviously, if the two or more employers are business competitors, this could raise a problem that could not be tolerated. But if otherwise a person has the ambition and stamina to work that hard, why should they not be rewarded?

Is it perhaps due to outrage that a lesser-status employee manages to make so much money? Is wealth a privilege reserved to the higher echelon? The attitude of the employers smacks of feudalism. – Yours, etc,



Mount Pleasant,

Wisconsin, US.