Ireland’s defence and security

In praise of the work off the Cork coast

Sir, – We are all so proud of our Defence Forces in intercepting the cocaine haul off the Cork coast (News, September 27th).

Let’s not waste such positive news. Let’s share this and insights into other aspects of their endeavours at home and abroad with our transition year students, so they can have a better insight into what it means to serve your country in this way.

Let’s have open days for schools in all the barracks across the country.

We need to be creative if we are to bolster membership of all these State organisations.


And let’s pay them properly. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.

Sir, – I confess to being very proud of our Army and Naval Service as well as An Garda Síochána in relation to the recent 2.2 tonne cocaine seizure.

These were life-threatening encounters and success was achieved only because of the bravery of all those involved in this operation.

I hope this bravery will be considered and appreciated by those in “middle-class” Ireland who use this drug regularly to snort their way to oblivion. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.

Sir, – For those uninformed Irish people who wonder why we need to increase our investment in our defence and security, this week’s detention of the MV Matthew is a good reason why.

While politicians will back slap each other while praising the Garda and Defence Forces, the reality is our defence and security forces are lamently underfunded and resourced.

For an exclusive economic zone of 420,000km sq, we have only two patrol aircraft and two operational ships.

In the 20th century our seas were part of the Western Approaches, which were heavily defended by the Royal Navy against German submarines in both World Wars.

Our seas are still the Western Approaches, but for drugs for Britain and Europe, and our defences are paltry.

As Ireland still thinks it can do without allies, our country has a sovereign duty to provide adequately for its national defence and security, and avoid itself being used as a gateway for narcotics and other illegal activities. – Yours, etc,


River Valley,


Co Dublin.