Wheelchair users – public transport

“A day out in Dublin as a young wheelchair user”

Sir, – I am not normally given to writing to The Irish Times, but after reading the very informative article “A day out in Dublin as a young wheelchair user: Broken glass, dog poo, full buses and out-of-order ramps” (Magazine, September 16th), I must congratulate the contributor Niamh Moriarty and her friend Emma Dennehy.

Why can’t those in charge of the train services do something about raised ramps on certain train platforms? Do we really need such a loud announcements regarding the lowering of bus ramps for wheelchairs? Why can’t we have more than two stations on buses for a second or third wheelchair that can be converted at certain times of the day for people to stand in if necessary!

These are simple, easily implemented steps. Let’s do them now and continue to listen and learn. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 6W.

Sir, – Thank you to Niamh Moriarty for her superb and sensitive article describing the disappointments and unfair disadvantages wheelchair users face when trying to enjoy a trip to town. As Niamh says, everyone deserves “basic coming of age” experiences.

Shame on us all for our lack of concern toward our fellow citizens. This should be an election issue. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.