Has TFI Live app missed the bus?

Not much of an upgrade

Sir, – As a daily Dublin Bus user, I notice that buses are frequently left idling at a stop as a recorded announcement tells us that the bus is trying to “catch up” with the timetable. In other words, the bus must drag out its journey to align itself with the timetable.

Surely the point of the TFI Live app was to provide real-time information irrespective of the bus timetable.

The expression “the tail wagging the dog” has never been more apt. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.

Sir, – I went to use my Dublin Bus app today to discover that it is no longer functional. I was instructed to upload the new TFI (Transport for Ireland) app instead.

This I did, but unfortunately it is so user unfriendly that I abandoned it very quickly . The previous app was simple to use. I never experienced any problem in adding bus stops to my “favourites” and generally, with a few exceptions, it was accurate and user friendly.

This experience leaves me very sceptical about the whole Bus Connects project; for me it is certainly more of a “Bus Disconnects” project as my current excellent bus service (122) is to be drastically curtailed.

It will run once an hour and terminate at Parnell Square.

I personally would feel very unsafe waiting for a bus there. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 7.

Sir, – The Dublin Bus app ceased to operate this week and was replaced with the TFI app. I don’t know why the Dublin Bus App had to be changed as it worked perfectly for thousands of travellers.

If you have an iPhone like the iPhone 6, you won’t be able to download the TFI app as you need IOS 13.0.

My iPhone works perfectly well, but I can’t download the TFI app because it needs a particular Apple operating system.

Why didn’t TFI not test to ensure that the app was available to all iPhone users? This difficulty does not arise with Android phones.

I see no reason, with modern technology, why the TFI information could not be fed into the Dublin Bus app, allowing commuters to continue to use the Dublin Bus app, which was efficient and effective.

The feedback I am getting from my community is to bring back the Dublin Bus app and feed in the required update.

This issue will impact thousand of Dublin Bus commuters with older iPhones. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 7.