Ramps that go bump in the night

Traffic calming features need overhaul

Sir, – The continually increasing number and variety of speed bumps, ramps, etc, on our roads seem reasonable and should be welcomed in terms of protecting all road users.

Nevertheless, there are issues with these traffic calming measures that need serious attention, especially in terms of the very wide variety of their construction specifications, ranging from excessive height and slope, with potential to cause underside vehicle damage, to the wide scope of materials allowed in construction, such as asphalt, concrete, rubber and occasionally metal and plastic.

This consequently demands different fabrication, installation and maintenance methods and risks mitigating against coherent application and prudent, collective budgeting among local authorities.

However, the most pressing issue, more obvious at this time of year, is the poor condition and lack of maintenance of these speed controlling measure, particularly with regard to signage and clear and obvious markings.


Even while adhering to the proper speed limit, it can be abruptly jolting and disorientating to drive over an unobserved “bump” , sometimes compounded by an adjacent gaping pothole, where “luminous” markings have long since faded due to the weather and continuous traffic, rendering them a driving hazard rather than a safety measure. – Yours, etc,