Student accommodation crisis

A corrosive effect on wider society

Sir, – As college students start their first semester, many are facing commutes of a few hours daily due to a lack of affordable rental accommodation. In Dublin, for example, a long-held Government policy of pandering to multinationals, whether that be with our attractive corporate tax rate or assisting them in setting up headquarters in suburban areas, is adding to the accommodation crisis. Within a short walk from me, Meta is preparing to move into its European headquarters. There is a similar scenario with Google and its ever-expanding campus at Grand Canal Dock. I wouldn’t envy competing with their staff in trying to secure rental accommodation in Dublin.

The Government has maintained this policy, despite the corrosive effect it is having on wider society. The parents of students across the country will wonder why their hard-earned taxes mean nothing when it comes to being able to provide a decent third-level experience for their children. There is no doubt that this will be felt at the ballot box come the next election. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 4.