Still no Assembly

A call to action

Sir, – It is three months since the elections at Stormont and still we do not have an Assembly. In a democracy the wishes of the majority should take precedence.

How can it be democratic for 25 DUP Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to prevent the rest of the 90 from fulfilling the promises they made to the electorate? During the campaign people were demanding action on the cost of living, the health service, climate change, education and on the matters that concern us all. We also need urgent action to tackle sectarian and racial hatred.

There is a stalemate at Westminster until a new prime minister is elected and she or he will not have the affairs of Northern Ireland at the top of the agenda.

It is up to all 90 of the elected MLAs to put aside party politics and get the Assembly working. – Yours, etc,


Belfast, UK.