Yes vote would bolster EU's role, says Palestinian envoy


MIDDLE EAST:THE PALESTINIAN envoy to the European Union has said she believed the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty would strengthen the EU’s role in brokering a peace deal in the Middle East.

Leila Shahid said yesterday that Palestinians were keen to see the EU become “more operational” in foreign affairs to keep the fledgling peace process alive and ensure that progress can be made towards of an independent Palestinian state.

Ms Shahid told The Irish Timesthat while the EU was the biggest donor of financial aid to the Palestinian territories, it has traditionally struggled to present a unified foreign policy position because of the mechanisms of the Nice Treaty.

The Irish Friends of Palestine group, which has been campaigning for a No vote, questioned Ms Shahid’s credentials to speak for the Palestinians

Spokesman Seán Clinton claimed she was part of the Fatah movement, which was “hand in glove with the EU in this charade of a peace process”.