Word on the street...


Declan Graham, Palmerstown

I thought he was brave to resign, but I’d be happy that he did. I was disappointed in his time as pope. When he was elected people thought he was going to continue John Paul’s forward movement with the church with more openness, but when he got into power he seemed to assert his own authority and row back on a lot of what had been done.

Marie Tansey, Coolock

I’m not sorry ... I never really had the same feeling for him as I had for the other one. The other fella was so like a saint to me personally. That’s just the impression of course; you can’t read everybody’s mind.”

Patrick Savage, Edenmore

He is the most erudite intellectual; he’s written some beautiful encyclicals so I just wish him the best. If you’re sick, you’re sick; he’s human like the rest of us. He was chosen by the archbishops of Rome and we don’t have much say, we can only listen to his words and pray we interpret them correctly.

May Donohoe, Coolock

I hadn’t heard it, but I’m not sorry. I never really cared for him, God bless him. There was something about him I didn’t like. I wonder who will be the next pope. I’d love to see an Irish pope, I’d love that.

John Fleming, Dublin 6

I’m surprised and amazed. He was an excellent pope, a deeply religious man and a very good leader. His personality was poles apart from the previous pope, but I read a few of his rather short articles and it was very easy to read them; they had a message for me certainly.

Louis Caers, Belgium

I think it’s reasonable because if he has not enough strength to lead the church I think the best way to resolve it is to choose a new path. He’s not so popular; he’s more aristocratic, like Germans are in a way.”