Walesa will urge Irish to support Lisbon


LIBERTAS INVITATION:FORMER POLISH president Lech Walesa will urge Irish voters to support the Lisbon Treaty in a second referendum during his upcoming trip to to the country, which is at the invitation of Libertas.

Mr Walesa has spoken at events in Madrid and Rome organised by Libertas, which rejects the treaty.

However, the co-founder of the Solidarity trade union said his readiness to listen to Libertas positions should not be mistaken for agreement.

“I don’t agree with Libertas. I’m just giving them my point of view,” he said. “I’m ready to go to Ireland, speaking out alone or alongside Ganley, to say ‘My dear Irish people, back this treaty’.”

As one of a panel of EU “wise men”, he said it was his duty to listen to all positions in a “democratic confrontation”.

Some political commentators in Poland suggested Libertas was courting Mr Walesa to boost the profile and chances of their newly-formed Polish sister party in the upcoming European elections.

Mr Walesa has dismissed speculation about those intentions and restated that, despite its perceived faults, he is a supporter of the Lisbon Treaty.

“It’s crucial to have an imperfect driver than no driver at all.

“And we’re going to make this treaty better,” he said, adding that he hoped to “convince Mr Ganley to change his mind” about the Lisbon Treaty.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said the former president had explained his priority for his Irish trip was to back the Lisbon Treaty.

“I spoke to Mr Walesa and I can say officially that he will be urging the Irish on the eve of the European elections to support the Lisbon Treaty, which Libertas opposed,” said Mr Tusk.

“That’s Lech Walesa all over, he will play a prank on them and the balance, as he says, will be positive for us.”