Unruly boy in a wing of his own


A juvenile detention centre which has just 30 places was forced to close down an entire wing so that an out-of-control boy could be held there, a court heard yesterday.

Dublin Children's Court was told that the youth, who had been put into the secure Trinity House Detention Centre for children under 16, attacked staff eight times, had been concealing weapons and was out of control.

The boy, now aged 16, had recently been remanded in custody to St Patrick's Institution after new charges of burglary and car theft were brought. Judge Bryan Smyth was told the youth was seeking bail on those charges, resulting in his return to the Trinity House Detention Centre to continue his sentence.

However, the deputy director of Trinity House, Mr Damien Hernon, said that in the last three months there had been eight assaults on staff members and "15 other issues."

Mr Hernon added that if the boy was returned to Trinity House it would be necessary for them to close down an entire wing of the unit, including eight beds, so they could look after him.