Ulster Bank sues businessmen for €14m over loans


ULSTER BANK has brought court proceedings against two Dublin businessmen for summary judgment orders in substantial sums over unpaid property loans.

The bank also wants possession of various properties in Dublin, Laois and Tipperary on which the loans were allegedly secured.

One of the men, William McHale, is being sued for more than € 10 million while the second, Aidan Morrison, is being sued for almost €4 million. The bank’s proceedings against Mr McHale and Mr Morrison, who are being sued both separately and together in six separate actions, were admitted to the Commercial Court this week.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly agreed to an application by James Phillips, for the bank, to adjourn the cases for two weeks to allow the men advance proposals to the bank. It was not clear whether talks between the sides would succeed, counsel said.

Mr McHale, Kingston, Seamount Road, Malahide, Co Dublin, was not in court while Mr Morrison, Sunnyside, Convent Lane, Portmarnock, Co Dublin, represented himself but said he intended to get a solicitor. Mr Phillips said Mr McHale was attending at hospital for a foot procedure.

Mr Justice Kelly said the situation was a bit unsatisfactory. Summons servers for Ulster Bank had been unable to find Mr McHale to effect personal service on him of the court proceedings, so non-party service had to be effected.

The judge said Mr McHale had better attend court on the next occasion. The court would not just humour a defendant on their whim where that defendant was not available for service and not in court because of a pain in his foot, he remarked.

In separate proceedings, the bank is seeking summary judgment orders for sums of some €2.5 million and €6.2 million against Mr McHale himself, summary judgment orders for €2.1 million against both Mr McHale and Mr Morrison, and summary judgment for €1.78 million against Mr Morrison himself. The money judgments are sought arising from alleged failure to repay loans advanced for property investment purposes.

In proceedings against Mr McHale himself, the bank is seeking possession of two properties in Grangegorman, Dublin; three apartments at Orchard Way, Greenwood Walk, Ayrfield, Malahide Road, Dublin; two apartments at Blackstick Priory, Patrick Street, Portarlington, Co Laois; two properties at The Oaks, Kilnacourt Wood, Portarlington; two properties at The Glen, Kilnacourt Wood, Portarlington; a property at Northview Close, Clonmel, Co Tipperary and a property at Hollybank Road, Drumcondra, Dublin.

In proceedings brought jointly against both Mr McHale and Mr Morrison, the bank is also seeking possession of property known as “The Moorings”, The Strand, Malahide. It claims that property is owned by the defendants and was charged to the bank as security for loan facilities.

In proceedings against Mr Morrison, the bank also wants an order for possession of a property at Orwell Park Heights, Templeogue, Co Dublin, and an apartment at Blackstick Priory, Patrick Street, Portarlington.