Two petrol bombs thrown at Derry house


THE RUC in Derry said last night that it was keeping an open mind about a double petrol bomb attack on an occupied house at Heron Way, a mainly Protestant estate in the Waterside area of the city.

One man was seen running away from the house seconds after a petrol bomb was thrown through an upstairs bedroom window. Another device was thrown at the rear of the house. Neither petrol bomb exploded.

Three teenage brothers were in the bedroom at the time. Mr Alex Schmid, a Protestant who has lived in his Heron Way home for 25 years, said he believed the attack on his property was sectarian.

"If the petrol bomb had ignited in the bedroom, I dread to think of the consequences. This is a terrible shock to us all, but we warned that something like this was going to happen. A gang came to our back door last Friday with claw hammers to threaten us.

"I don't know why we are being targeted by these people. We are living in fear of another attack, but I will not be threatened out of my home."