Trust, goodwill sustained President


THE following is the text of yesterday's statement by the President, Mrs Robinson.

On 3rd December 1990, I swore an oath dedicating my abilities to the service and welfare of the people of Ireland. I did so in a spirit of deep gratitude and humility and today I thank them once again for the trust they placed in me as President.

That trust, and the great goodwill which has continued to this day, have sustained me in what has been a challenging and fulfilling role. The unwavering support I have received as President has enabled me to contribute to the development of the Office as a resource for all the people, one that is open, inclusive and tolerant.

In bringing to centre stage those who are marginalised in society, in reaching out in friendship and in love to the different communities who share this island, in linking with the Irish diaspora throughout the world and, above all, in representing the Irish people at home and abroad, I hope I have repaid that trust.

I came to office committed to making it relevant to the needs of our modern society and believe that every new President should bring to the office a fresh response to our society as it continues, with vitality, to evolve and adapt to new challenges. The opportunity to renew the relationship between President and people is part of that vitality.

Now the time has arrived to give thought to the future, to consider how best the office of President can serve the Irish people as the new millennium approaches. It has been a difficult decision for me and I have, with great reluctance, decided not to seek a second term in office. I believe that by the end of this term I will have made my contribution and that the people will give a mandate to a new President with the vision to represent them as we move into the new millennium.

Cinnte, is e an treimhse seo mar Uachtaran na hEireann an treimhse is fearr agus is luachmara a bhi agam riamh. O insealbhaiodh mar Uachtaran me, ta tacaiocht gan teorainn tugtha ag muintir na hEireann dom agus ta me fiorbuioch doibh da reir.