Teen shoplifter was under 'twenty-four-seven' bail


A 15-year-old girl had been given bail on condition that she remain in her home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Dublin Children's Court heard today.

The girl had previously been barred from several areas in the city centre for shoplifting.

The court heard she was caught stealing a leather jacket valued at €280 from Marks and Spencers on Grafton Street and taking assorted ladies clothing to the value of €200 from another shop. She had been caught on CCTV and stopped by security staff on each occasion.

She was given a two-month suspended sentence earlier this month and was directed to obey a 10 pm curfew, 1 am on Friday and Saturday nights, and be at home every night for the next two years.

The girl had also been earlier given bail on condition that she did not go near Henry Street or Mary Street but the court heard that the girl had continued to be a nuisance to traders there.

Judge Catherine Murphy heard today that the girl had been arrested last week for breaking her curfew and had been given bail under extremely strict conditions.

The girl was ordered to stay in her own home at all times unless she was in the company of her parents. Garda Paul Carroll said the girl was ordered to stay at home "twenty- four-seven" but had broken these conditions and had been spotted out at night without any supervision.

Judge Murphy said she would discharge the existing bail conditions on condition that the girl obey a 9 pm to 7.30 am curfew. The girl was ordered to stay away from Henry Street, Mary Street, Grafton Street, and the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.