Taliban leader lost son to US air raids - report


The son of Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, has reportedly been killed in the air strikes.

An Afghan doctor told the BBC today, the 10-year-old died from injuries after the first night of bombing raids on Kandahar.

Dr Abdul Bari said he treated the boy for several hours, as the Taliban leader begged him to save his son.

The boy's wounds, abdominal injuries and a broken femur, were too serious and he died the same night.

Mullah Omar's uncle was hit in the same raid, but was said to be still alive and receiving treatment in the hospital at Kandahar.

Dr Bari said the hospital has just five days of supplies left, and people are leaving the city to try to get treatment at the border.

He spoke to the BBC as he crossed the border at the Chaman checkpoint, near the Pakistani city of Quetta.

US officials said they have targeted places where the Taliban leader lives because they hold command and control faciliities.