Student receives €2.5m in settlement of action


A young man who claimed he is severely disabled as a result of delayed diagnosis of his brain tumour and a subsequent decision to operate on him instead of adminisering chemotherapy is to receive €2.5 million in settlement of his High Court action. Further payments to meet future care costs are to be decided later. The settlement is without admission of liability.

Seamus Walshe jnr, now aged 27, was a third-level construction studies student in 2006 when he first complained of problems with his eyes, including upward gaze, and with nausea and vomiting.

It was claimed, as a result of initial delay in diagnosis at University College Hospital, Galway, his tumour grew and spread into surrounding tissue and he had continued to suffer pain and discomfort.

It was claimed had the necessary scans been carried out, he would have been referred to Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital much sooner. As a result of a decision to perform surgery at Beaumont Hospital instead of administering chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, it was also alleged Mr Walshe suffered complications resulting in being placed in intensive care for nine weeks.