Special Olympics founder honoured


SPECIAL OLYMPICS chief Mary Davis has said she would seriously consider any approach to run for the Irish presidency.

She said it was very early to be talking about the presidential race and she had not been approached by any political party about it.

“Well, to be perfectly honest with you, if somebody did approach me, if one of the parties approached me, I would think about it seriously. I would consider it but I do think it’s early days yet,” she said on RTÉ Radio’s Marian Finucaneshow. “No, I haven’t been approached by anybody, except the general public.”

When asked last month if she might run for the presidency, she said she was too busy to consider becoming a candidate but did not rule herself out. She is managing director of Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia.

On Saturday, Ms Davis celebrated the memory of Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver, at Farmleigh House in Dublin. It was one of a number of events held worldwide to mark the inaugural Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day.

Ms Kennedy Shriver’s son Mark also attended the Dublin event. Taoiseach Brian Cowen described the Special Olympics campaigner, who died last year, as an inspiration and a great friend to Ireland.

“She worked tirelessly in her crusade to enhance the lives of those with intellectual disabilities across the world. Eunice never gave up. She was wise, she was courageous and she was resilient.”

Mr Cowen said Ms Kennedy Shriver had done so much for people with intellectual disabilities in Ireland. “For that, Eunice has not just my own respect but the enduring gratitude of the Irish people.”