Some other links The Lewis Carroll home page. Among many other Lewis Carroll sites, one run by Joel Birenbaum (at jbirenba/tcase.html) is gearing up for the centenary of Carroll's death next year. The site is currently looking for copies of Lewis Carroll obituaries, collecting unpublished Lewis Carroll poems, and attempting to create a bibliography of all editions of Alice and Looking-Glass in all languages.

dickens/cdlmain.html This site boasts a "Charles Dickens Live!" option, recreating his stage readings, with live chat where teachers and students can fire questions off at the author.

GEC marks this year's centenary of its origins as Marconi's wireless telegraphy company. Cable & Wireless's superb site about the history of the transatlantic cable, aimed at second-level students and their teachers. Marx and Engels's writings, complete with search engine. The University of Exeter's Babbage pages.

emiller/ Dracula's home page. franken.html Resources for the study of Frankenstein.