Polish say ‘go raibh maith agat’ for ten years of an Irish welcome

Embassy releases YouTube video as Gaeilge to mark decade since EU membership

Polish diplomats have thanked the Irish people for ten years of welcome in a video which not only shows off their Irish language skills but also a local sense of humour.

The YouTube video released today by the Polish Embassy marks ten years since the eastern European nation of 38 million people became part of the European Union. Since then 120,000 have made Ireland their home, according to the 2011 census.

The whole video is in Irish with English subtitles. It opens with the Polish ambassador Martin Nawrot speaking from his office in Irish "dia dhaoibh go léir". "On behalf of all the Poles in Ireland we thank the Irish people for your welcome," he says.

The video then casts a jaundiced eye at Irish sport, culture, food and weather.


“Thank you for all the cheerful and easy to read books” the voiceover says showing a woman reading James Joyce’s Ulysses upside-down

“Thank you for the beautiful weather”, says the voice-over showing three people relaxing on the wet the beach as the wind blows an umbrella away

“We thank you for all your unusual sports “, the voiceover says showing scenes of rugby and hurling blunders .

“We thank you for the healthy food,” the voiceover says showing a plate of a traditional greasy Irish fried breakfast

“But most of all thanks for being so open and making us feel at home for the past ten years,” the video says.

The video closes with staff outside the Polish Embassy shouting “Go raibh míle maith agat a mhuintir na hÉireann”

Ireland has the third highest number of Polish migrants in the world, and the most per capita. Polish is the second most widely spoken language in the State.

The Polish Embassy siad it wanted to convey “gratitude to the Irish people for the openness and kindness they have shown to Poles in Ireland” and for “all the joys the Emerald Isle has to offer”.

Genevieve Carbery

Genevieve Carbery

Genevieve Carbery is Deputy Head of Audience at The Irish Times