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Is open publishing a good idea and if so how can it be achieved?

Research results: public good or not? Should there be free and open publication of research findings when they have paid for by public funding? The issue of open publication is a contentious issue, particularly with the advent of the internet and electronic publishing.

This has resulted in unprecedented possibilities for the dissemination and exchange of information. Yet how do we achieve an aim such as open publishing?

The argument that the results of publicly funded research should be freely available has been adopted by researchers, research institutions, and funding entities. The discussions continue however on how to implement the transition towards a more open world.

This week’s have your say about science allows you to express your views and make your opinions known. These in turn will be taken into account they the EU introduces its new research budget, Horizon 2020. The service is being overseen by Atomium Culture.


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Dick Ahlstrom

Dick Ahlstrom

Dick Ahlstrom, a contributor to The Irish Times, is the newspaper's former Science Editor.