SBTRKT, Electric Arena


SBTRKT, Electric Arena:

In the smoggy light embracing the stage, it’s hard to pick out every button pressed, beat triggered and knob turned, but SBTRKT’s Ganesh-like drumming and Sampha’s beautifully soulful voice flows through the crowd like deep spring water flooding the big blue tent with geyser-bursting pressure.

SBTRKT’s dark, dubby tunes are transformed into urgent and pulsating sounds live, bringing the crowd together, a smattering of whom had come prepared with masks.

Knees buckled at London’s finest deep bass as a giant green beach ball “borrowed” from Ham Sandwich’s set bobbed overhead. Hold On got everyone singing in unison, but it was a sublime reworking of Wildfire that blew the roof off.

Straddling a snarling bass sound yet maintaining an upbeat sentiment is a tricky balancing act. SBTRKT pull it off with style.

Verdict: *****