Ryanair criticised over accident


Ryanair has been criticised in an accident report published yesterday by the Department of Public Enterprise.

The report by the Department's air accident investigation unit found that a Ryanair flight should have returned to its stand at the terminal when it was noticed that one of its cargo doors was open.

Instead, the aircraft was halted on a runway and the crew called for assistance. A technician drove out and secured the door. He was then knocked down by the aircraft's jet blast, falling on his outstretched hands.He subsequently discovered he had fractured his right hand, palm and wrist.

The accident occurred at Dublin Airport at 6.15 a.m. on February 21st, 1998, during the Ryanair baggage handlers' dispute. It was not reported by Ryanair to the airport authority or to the Department, The accident unit first heard of it in a letter from a Ryanair employee in April 2000.

There was no comment from the company last night.