Roddy Doyle: 'Whenever she had her hands on a new Maeve Binchy buke . . .'


– See Maeve Binchy died.

– Sad tha’.

– D’yeh ever read any of her bukes? – No.

– Me neither.

– I read the covers. In the bed like. Whenever she had her hands on a new Maeve Binchy buke, yeh knew it was goin’ to be a quiet fuckin’ night.

– Same in our place.

– Still but. No hard feelin’s.

– No.

– I liked her on the radio.

– Yeah. I was thinkin’ tha’ meself earlier, when the News was on, like. I was lookin’ ou’ the kitchen window. An’ young Damien was ou’ there, sittin’ in the deck chair, yeh know – takin’ notes. Watchin’ the polar bear peelin’ the skin off o’ Larry Hennessey’s new English bulldog. An’ I said to meself, Maeve would’ve seen the funny side o’ tha’.

– I know wha’ yeh mean.

– Wha’ for us would be just a normal everyday domestic scene. She would’ve made it look funny.

– Exactly.