Review: Adebisi Shank, Cosby Stage


Atmosphere: A hugely appreciative crowd gather in the smallish Cosby tent in anticipation of entering the wind machine simulator that is Adebisi Shank live.

High: Vinny giving his bass guitar away to someone in the front row at the end of the gig much to everyone's astonishment.

Low: The feeling that this gig would have been better placed late in the day.

Quote of the set: "My nipple ring is so sore." - Bassist Vinny. Well at least we think that's what he said, it was pretty muffled as he spoke into a mic while wearing a hooded mask.

Verdict: Adebisi are relentless, and like all of their gigs, you spend as much time trying to figure out how they're managing to play the sounds they're emitting as enjoying the actual show.

It's not the greatest or most atmospheric Adebisi Shank performance of all time (according to fans, that goes to their Castlepalooza set this year) but if being confronted by this illuminating, complex and exhilarating music of an afternoon doesn't blast away your tent fatigue then you must be cryogenically frozen.

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