Restaurant row led to stab death


A man was murdered in a McDonald's restaurant in Belfast because of a door which would not open, a court heard yesterday.

Belfast Crown Court heard that Mr David Finn (32) was allegedly stabbed to death by Mr Anthony Hagans. Mr Patrick Lynch QC, prosecuting, said that the door on Donegall Place was not working properly at the time of the incident in February last year.

He told the jury that, as Mr Hagans (29) was trying to leave by that door, Mr Finn called to him that he needed to pull it open, not push it. Mr Lynch claimed that Mr Hagans told Mr Finn: "Don't be f...... telling me what I can or cannot do."

After this, the two men started to fight. Mr Lynch said a number of witnesses would say that Mr Finn slumped to the ground.

He said Mr Hagans "disappeared" at that stage. Mr Finn later died from a single stab wound to the heart.

The next day, Mr Hagans presented himself at Musgrave Street police station, accompanied by his solicitor, and was arrested on suspicion of the murder. Mr Hagans was charged with, and still denies, the murder of Mr Finn.

The case continues.