Report sees 250,000 jobs by 2015


Up to 250,000 additional jobs will be created between now and 2015 as apart of an overall economic recovery, a new employment report produced by Fás and the ESRI has stated.

The study, launched this morning, said that despite these job gains, there would still be 80,000 fewer people employed in 2015 than at the height of the boom in 2008.

The report said that occupations that were expected to exceed the pre-recession peak levels were concentrated at the higher end of the skill scale and included professionals and associate professionals (technicians) in the areas of science, engineering, business services, and information technology.

Occupations that were not anticipated to recover to their 2008 peak levels were skilled building workers, production operatives, unskilled manual workers, sales assistants and clerical personnel.

The Occupational Forecasts Report seeks to indicate how the occupational composition of the workforce in Ireland is likely to change over the medium-term due to domestic and international influences.

By identifying likely developments in the labour market at occupational level and pointing to the expected change in the skills mix of the Irish economy, the study aims to predict future education/skills training, labour market and immigration policy and employment opportunities.