Referendum quotes


Part of this Yes vote was through gritted teeth, it wasn’t all of it but it was part of it, because of this funding issue, or threat if you will. I think that one of the things that concern us is that if people feel powerless it points to a democratic deficit that is inflicting Europe right now, and it badly needs to be addressed Libertas founder Declan Ganley

I think every vote is about self-interest, but Europe has been good to Ireland, the euro zone in particular has been good to this country

Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes

I hope in a few years, Irish people who love freedom and want prosperity for their country will remember the Yes campaign’s promises of jobs and investment with contempt, then once again seek their self-governance from their new masters in Berlin and Brussels

UK Independence Party deputy leader Paul Nuttall

From the earliest point in the campaign, IFA identified the importance of securing a positive result

Irish Farmers’ Association president John Bryan

The referendum result strengthens the euro zone’s joint course toward the creation of a new, lasting stability union

German chancellor Angela Merkel

I think it was a case of it was Fianna Fáil what won it

Fianna Fáil Senator Thomas Byrne speaking on RTÉ’s Six One News

I think people are hoping things won’t get any worse. The fear factor, I think, prevailed

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett

We also need to get a better deal on Ireland’s debt, particularly the bank debt and restructuring of promissory notes . . . There is a lot of work to do but I think a very strong endorsement of the Yes vote today is a step in the right direction

Fine Gael’s Simon Coveney

It’s quite clear from the run-up to the referendum that this idea that you’d put a question to the people was only a nuisance and I would say the Government are delighted that the nuisance of democracy is now out of the way. They did their damnedest to make it difficult for people to vote. They held the vote on a Thursday, which I find quite remarkable. If you’re really interested in democracy you would hold it at a weekend and you would hold it over a two-day period to get the maximum amount of people out to vote. Even still though, I think it would have been passed

Luke “Ming” Flanagan speaking on Today with Pat Kenny

People are extremely worried about the future. Many people voted Yes, I’ll be honest with you – they saw it as the lesser of two evils

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin

The Labour Party were on the wrong side of the debate in respect of the trade union movement right across Europe, and the wrong side of the debate latterly even in terms of their own sister parties across the EU

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald

Germany, like every member of the euro zone, needs the euro to survive. There is no alternative path for Germany. There is no question of printing deutschmarks. Germany along with Ireland along with Greece along with Portugal has to see the euro survive

Lucinda Creighton of Fine Gael