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Charlon5 from London

I thought we were living in 2012. I hope something good comes from this. Poor woman.

* Cora Sherlock

Abortions take place for many societal reasons. Cannot blame ban. Legalising normalises ending human life as “service”

* steena

I am utterly ashamed to be Irish today. This woman had a “right to life” too. Sickening.

* deezer

Ashamed of my country today. So sad, so ashamed, so angry.

* Zaph, West of Ireland

Maybe now our Government will finally do something and legalise abortion in Ireland. They have skirted around the issue for too long as they are afraid of upsetting the holy joes of this country and lose votes. It’s a disgrace. Rest in peace, Savita.

* Redsquare

Religion has a lot to answer for. It should certainly have no place in medical care.

* Michael Kelly

Sad to see the tragic death of a young woman in Galway being used as a political football on Twitter

* Matt, London

Prioritising a 17 week old baby over a grown women, now they’re both dead. Well done to everyone involved.

* Marc Peter Coleman

As a (pretty hopeless) Catholic I know my religion is imperfect. But virulent hatred with which it is blamed – with no proof – for someone’s death borders on hatred. Were same lnguge used abt jews/muslims there wd rightly BE outrage. Why is anticatholic hatred ok?

* SasKay

Looks like Ireland is in a race to become the Mississippi state of Europe. Go Ireland.

* madtek

This should be MANDATORY reading for the members of the US congress and any other gov’t legislators

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