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BBC News

Woman dies after abortion request ‘refused’ at Galway hospital’: “The husband of a pregnant woman who died in an Irish hospital has said he has no doubt she would be alive if she had been allowed an abortion. Abortion remains a divisive issue in the Republic of Ireland, but not as divisive as it once was . . . No government has enacted legislation to give certainty to doctors as to when terminations can be carried out and under what circumstances.”

Ireland must make hospitals safe for women by following abortion laws’: “When a woman’s life is in danger, a hospital should be the safest place for her to go. But today it has emerged that a pregnant woman was allegedly denied a life-saving abortion on the grounds that Ireland ‘is a Catholic country’.

“How could this have happened?”

Sky News

: ‘Woman ‘Refused’ Abortion In Ireland Dies’. “Health officials investigate after the womans husband says doctors told his wife: ‘This is a Catholic Country’. “Her death is expected to spark a backlash against the Irish government, criticised by left-wing members of parliament for failing to introduce new laws to permit abortion in life-threatening circumstances.”

Brisbane Times:

‘Woman dies in Irish hospital after being denied abortion’: “A young Indian woman died of septicaemia in Ireland after Catholic doctors refused to terminate her miscarriage because abortion was against the country’s law and religious beliefs.”

Times of India

Denied abortion, Indian woman dies in Ireland; probe ordered’: “Irish authorities launched an investigation on Wednesday into the death of a woman whose family say she was refused an abortion despite serious risk to her own life.”


‘Irish Probe Death of Woman After Report She Was Refused Abortion’: “Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny will await the outcome of investigations into the death of a woman at a hospital before considering an independent inquiry following a report she died after being refused an abortion.

“The death has once again placed abortion centre stage in Ireland, which restricts access to terminations. While women have a constitutional right to an abortion where there is a substantial risk to their lives, successive governments have avoided introducing laws putting it into practice.”