Protests in Europe and US at invasion


Thousands of peace campaigners marched on the streets of Europe and elsewhere over the weekend, switching their focus from preventing war on Iraq to protesting against the continuing US and British military presence.

Organisers of a rally in London estimated 100,000 people marched through the city centre, waving banners saying "No Occupation of Iraq" and chanting "Bush, Blair, CIA, how many kids have you killed today?" Police put the numbers at closer to 20,000.

In Washington, thousands of people demonstrated against the war. Wearing T-shirts like one that read "I see all the dead Iraqi children. Boy, do I feel safe," and carrying signs saying "Fight the new colonialism!", the protesters also condemned the way US media cover the war.

Police at one point used their batons to hit several protesters, who pushed and shoved back, and arrested three people.

In Rome, a march originally organised to call for an end to the fighting changed its slogan to "No to an infinite and global war." A giant rainbow banner, about 500 metres long, was pulled around the Circus Maximus.