Products covered by recall


A list of the products covered by the pork recall and some of those that have not been affected.

All raw and cooked pork and bacon products, made with Irish pork since 1st September, could possibly be contaminated.

They include:
• Pork
• Bacon
• Rashers
• Pork sausages
• Sausage meat
• Gammon steaks
• Offal from pigs (kidney, liver, heart)
• Crubeens
• Salami
• Ham
• Sausage rolls (made with Irish meat)
• Black pudding
• White pudding
• Pork suet (lard)
• Casings
• Pork paté
• Pork pies
• Ready made ham sandwiches
• Ready made bacon sandwiches
• Lardons
• Ready made pizza with ham, pepperoni, bacon (made with Irish pork/bacon)
• Ready meals with Irish pork/bacon as an ingredient

Not included
• Pork gelatine
• Products with pork gelatine such as sweets
• Crisps and snack foods
• Sauces with pork/ham content