Private hospital to create 150 jobs


A new private hospital which will create 150 jobs will open at a €75 million facility in Cork today, almost two years after the facility closed with the loss of 75 jobs and liabilities of over €5 million.

Mater Private Healthcare will open a 75-bed hospital in the purpose built facility previously occupied by the Cork Medical Centre at Citygate in Mahon in the southeastern suburbs of Cork city.

The opening of the Mater Private Cork, as the new hospital will be known, follows almost two years of discussions between Mater Private Healthcare and the VHI, which will provide cover for the hospital. The arrangement involves the acquisition by the Mater Private of Shanakiel Hospital in Cork, which closed just before Christmas, with consultants and staff transferring to the new hospital in Mahon.

The Mahon hospital, developed by Sheehan Medical Ltd, closed in March 2011 after less than six months when it failed to obtain cover from the VHI which argued there was excess capacity in the private hospital sector.

Mater Private Healthcare chief executive Fergus Clancy said the opening was a significant development which would build on the fine service provided by Shanakiel.

“The Mater Private is committed to providing continuity of care for patients from Shanakiel during this transition period and, once this is successfully completed, we will turn our attention to the delivery of new and enhanced services,” he said.