Price offers to help locate 'disappeared'


OLD BAILEY bomber Dolours Price has contacted the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains, offering to provide information about some of the “disappeared”, according to informed sources.

Ms Price, who with her sister Marion was convicted of the 1973 London bombings including the attack on the Old Bailey court, is understood to be willing to assist in relation to at least three of the disappeared – Joe Lynskey, whom the commission yesterday acknowledged as a new victim on the official list of the disappeared; Seamus Wright and Kevin McKee.

Ms Price (59) was a senior figure in the IRA in the early 1970s and may be able to assist in locating some of the bodies.

Yesterday’s Irish Newsreported that she said her IRA activities were carried out on the direct orders of her then “commanding officer”, Gerry Adams.

Ms Price, who is divorced from actor Stephen Rea, would make no comment yesterday when contacted by The Irish Times.

Mr Adams told the Irish Newsthat he entirely rejected “any allegations made by Dolours Price”. Speaking in west Belfast yesterday, he added that “Dolours has set her self against the Sinn Féin leadership on many occasions”.

“It is also important that we don’t lose sight of the people who were killed and buried by the IRA – and there has been an ongoing effort to get those remains back. I think we have to be very measured about how we deal with all of these events,” added Mr Adams.

The commission would make no comment on the matter. “We don’t comment on who or who may not speak to us,” said a spokesman.

Informed sources, however, said that Ms Price wanted to assist the commission, and had contacted it about people who went missing in the early 1970s and were believed to have been murdered by the IRA.

DUP MEP Diane Dodds said the PSNI should launch an “urgent investigation” into the claim that Mr Adams was Ms Price’s “officer commanding” in the IRA when several of the “disappeared” were murdered by the Provisional IRA.