Poll shows UK parents want MMR vaccine choice


A new poll in Britain reveals that 71 per cent of people believe they should be able to choose whether to give their child the MMR jab.

The poll in today’s Daily Telegraphalso shows parents want the choice of giving their children the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines in single doses and that one in five parents with children under five or those planning a baby think MMR is unsafe.

The survey of 2,500 respondents, conducted by YouGov.com, coincided with a renewed effort by Mr Blair to persuade a deeply sceptical public that MMR is not linked to autism and bowel disease.

He repeated his personal backing for MMR on Friday as it emerged that demand for the single measles vaccine has rocketed nine-fold in a year.

His support was backed up by new evidence published by the British Medical Journal which found no association between MMR and bowel problems or developmental regression in children with autism.

The Telegraph says that one in four people in the poll wanted the Government to continue with its policy of offering only the triple injection.

Given a choice, a small majority would continue to use the MMR vaccine but 43 per cent said they would opt for the three individually administered injections.

Without the choice, almost one parent in three would pay £250 for the separate vaccinations if they could afford it.

Almost 40 per cent of parents with children under five said Mr Blair's position had made them personally less confident about MMR. There have been reports that Leo has had the MMR vaccine, though this has not been confirmed by his parents.