Bruton urges restraint during marching season


THE Taoiseach urged those involved in the marching season in the North to exercise maximum restraint.

"It contains much potential for bad and, regrettably, all too little potential for good, as far as the peace process is concerned."

Mr Bruton said that the restraint should be exercised by all concerned and it was a personal as well as a community responsibility.

"My own view is that there is far too much triumphalism in regard to these marches. It is triumphalism that is entirely out of date and entirely inconsistent with the process of reconciliation," he added. "I would like if it could be removed entirely from the demonstrations that have been dignified with the term `tradition'."

He was replying, at Question Time, to the PD leader, Ms Mary Harney, who expressed concern the marches would have a damaging effect on the peace process if they went through areas where they were not wanted.

Earlier, on the Order of Business, Mr Bruton told the Fianna Fail leader, Mr Bertie Ahern, that the Government had made representations to Britain about its new anti terrorist laws.

While it was a matter for another jurisdiction, there were concerns. "Obviously, experience of the exercise of those powers in Northern Ireland will be part of the subject matter of representations being made."

Mr Ahern said that the Irish community in Britain had suggested some sensible amendments to the legislation.