Irish Water customers to receive €100 grant

Householders who register with company by today’s deadline will qualify for allowance

Householders who register with Irish Water will be entitled to received a €100 conservation grant from the Government even if they do not pay their water bills.

The deadline for registering with Irish Water in order to qualify for the grant, which will be administered by the Department of Social Protection, is today.

Separately, the board of the semi-State is expected to meet today to discuss the level of payments made since billing began in April.

The first quarterly billing cycle for Irish Water was for January, February and March, with the first bills landing in April. The second round of bills will be sent out from July onwards.


However, it is not clear when the figures for payments will be released. Some sources speculated they may not be published until next week.

Legislation on compliance measures for charges, including payment deduction from wages and welfare payments, will be before the Dáil this week.

People wishing to register with Irish Water to be eligible for the conservation grant can do so by phoning Irish Water, using its website or printing off and posting a form. Irish Water says forms sent today will still be accepted for grant purpose.

However, the grant will be administered and paid by the Department of Social Protection, and a separate application process for the payment of the €100 will open later this year.