Police board seeks to boost public confidence


The need to improve public confidence in the North’s police service was emphasised in the Policing Board's first plan outlined today.

The three-year Policing Plan of the Northern Ireland Policing Board (NIPB) envisages officers being trained in matters such as human rights theory and practice, diversity, equal opportunities, and community and race relations.

Tackling public-order offences and domestic crimes such as burglary have also been identified as ways of building public confidence in the service.

Board Chairman Prof Desmond Rea said: "Directing resources at tackling crimes such as domestic burglaries, theft and drugs will help promote public confidence".

Prof Rea said the implementation of the change programme "is crucial to improving confidence in, and ownership of, the new Police Service".

The North’s drugs problem has also been identified as a priority. The NIPB say disrupting the supply of drugs can only be achieved through a "partnership approach" with other agencies and the community.

The plan will be monitored quarterly on the basis of reports from the chief constable. A full analysis of annual performance will be published following the end of each planning year.

The Policing Plan is produced in accordance with the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000. It is prepared by the Chief Constable, agreed by the Policing Board and endorsed by the Secretary of State.