Brenda Schad (25) almost stopped London traffic yesterday as she launched the new Wonderbra.

The supermodel, whose looks are said to have inspired Disney's Pocahontas, is the latest recruit by Playtex in the bra wars with rivals Gossard.

The Wombles will be back on Top Of The Pops for the first time in 23 years tomorrow. So will Wombles songwriter Mike Bail (48) - in the costume of Womble Orinoco. ITV's animated revival of the 1970s characters has propelled Remember You're A Womble into the charts at number 13.

Richard Burton's widow Sally is to auction his books tomorrow and hopes to raise up to ú12,000 for theatrical charities. Among the 1,500 literary volumes are gifts inscribed by Elizabeth Taylor, Noel Coward and John Gielgud.

The stars of Primary Colors, the story of a sex-crazed southern governor who stands for president at the premiere about Bill Clinton's latest and very similar troubles. But John Travolta and Emma Thompson had little to say that was critical of the US president.

Paul Burnell, the former butler described by Princess Diana as "my rock", was appointed to a top job at the Diana Memorial Fund.

He said: "To me it is a way of carrying forward what I began 10 years ago, looking after the princess in a private way.

Mr Burrell (39) said he had accompanied the princess on secret night-time visits to hospital patients and the homeless. Recalling how she would disguise herself with a baseball cap to go roller-Wading in the park, Mr Burrell said that despite her problems his memories of her were happy.