Patrol survives bomb attempt


MEMBERS of an RUC patrol narrowly escaped injury in a bomb attack in Derry last night.

The RUC said there was an explosion at Templemore Road in the Shantallow area shortly before 9 p.m., just as a two-vehicle police patrol was passing.

The area has been sealed off and a follow-up search will take place this morning. An RUC spokesman said booby-trap devices might be present. No one had claimed responsibility for the bomb last night.

The blast occurred close to the crowded Templemore sports complex where swimming classes were taking place.

A local Democratic Unionist Party councillor, Alderman Gregory Campbell, said it "showed up the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein."

"We are being faced with a situation where the Provisional IRA are upping the ante considerably," she said.