Palme conspiracy alleged


STOCKHOLM - The unsolved murder of Swedish primeminister Olof Palme in 1986 returned to the spotlight yesterday after a lawyer revealed that a former client told him about a conspiracy to kill Palme and Sweden's king.

The lawyer, Mr Pelle Svensson, said his client, Lars, Tingstrom, known as "The Bomb Man" after being convicted twice on explosion charges, disclosed on his deathbed in 1993 that he was a part of a gang of four involved in the murder. He told Mr Svensson that he planned the murder from his prison cell to take revenge on a society he hated.

Mr Svensson said the primary target for the group was Sweden's king, Carl Gustaf XVI, not Mr Palme. He said it was pure chance that Mr Palme was killed first, shot dead in a Stockholm street after leaving a cinema.