Order restraining deportation refused to Chinese man


A Chinese man whose daughter was born here has lost his High Court challenge to his deportation in a case raising issues about the extent of the Minister for Justice’s obligations to serve deportation proceedings on affected individuals.

Mr Justice Gerard Hogan ruled yesterday that Qing Wu was duly served in June 2009 with statutory notice of the proposal to deport him via service of the papers at the last address he gave to the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

Mr Qing changed addresses in Galway without notifying the Minister and could not complain he had not received the correct notices, the judge said.

The Minister had complied with the relevant provisions of the Immigration Act 1999 by sending, in June 2009, the proposal to deport to the last address Mr Wu registered in Galway, the judge found.

An injunction restraining deportation was refused in circumstances where, by the time it came for hearing before the High Court, Mr Wu was on a flight to Frankfurt from where he was to be escorted to Beijing.