Who is Enda Kenny?

How old is Micheál Martin and other key questions Irish voters are asking Google


Google has revealed the most popular search terms used by those seeking information on the general election ahead of voting on February 26th.

The search engine’s Irish office has said that since the election was called by Taoiseach Enda Kenny on February 3rd, the top five searches in Ireland on the election were: When is the election in Ireland?; Which constituency am I in? Who should I vote for?; Who to vote for in the 2016 Ireland elections?; Who will win the next Irish general election?

Over the same period of time, the top related general election queries were Election candidates 2016; Election date 2016; Election register; Election poster rules; and Irish election polls.

Over the last six months, the top question asked of Google in relation to the Fine Gael party was “Who set up Fine Gael”, while “What does Fianna Fáil mean?” was the top question in relation to that party. “Who founded Sinn Féin?” was the most popular party search for that party while the most popular search over the last six months for Labour was, depressingly for them, “Is the Labour Party dead?” Answers on a ballot paper in a couple of weeks.

The issue of what age the main party leaders are cropped up in the top five searches for them, while more simple questions were also asked, including “Who is Enda Kenny?”, according to the search engine data released on Wednesday as the campaign hit midpoint in its second week.

Top questions on political parties over last six months:

Fine Gael:

1. Who set up Fine Gael?

2. What does Fine Gael mean?

3. What have Fine Gael done in 2015?

4. What date is the Fine Gael term finishing?

5. Who are the Fine Gael voters?

Fianna Fail:

1. What does Fianna Fail mean?

2. Is Fianna Fail the largest political party in Ireland?

3. Who retired from Fianna Fail today?

4. How many seats did Fianna Fail have?

5. How many times has Fianna Fail bankrupted the country?

Sinn Féin:

1. Who founded Sinn Féin?

2. When was Sinn Féin founded?

3. What does Sinn Féin mean?

4. What does Sinn Féin stand for?

5. What did Sinn Féin call Michael Martin in the Dáil?

Labour Party:

1. Is the Labour Party dead?

2. What is the address of Jan O’Sullivan’s department?

3. Is the Irish Labour Party a leftwing party?

4. What year was the Labour Party founded?

5. Who was leader of the Labour Party before Joan Burton?

Social Democrats:

1. Who will run for the Social Democrats?

2. What do Social Democrats work for?

3. Where do the Social Democrats fall on the political spectrum?

Top question on party leaders over last six months

Taoiseach Enda Kenny - leader of Fine Gael:

1. How old is Enda Kenny?

2. Who is Enda Kenny?

3. How much does Enda Kenny earn?

4. Where is Enda Kenny from?

5. What party is Enda Kenny in?

Micheál Martin - leader of Fianna Fail:

1. What time is Micheál Martin speaking at?

2. How old is Micheál Martin?

3. What did Sinn Féin call Micheál Martin in the Dáil?

4. Who introduced Micheál Martin at the Ard Fheis?

5. What statement did Micheál Martin make about the election?

Gerry Adams - leader of Sinn Féin:

1. How old is Gerry Adams?

2. Is Gerry Adams married?

3. For which area is Gerry Adams a TD for?

4. Who is Gerry Adams?

5. Why was Gerry Adams voice dubbed?

Joan Burton - leader of the Labour Party:

1. Where is Joan Burton from?

2. How old is Joan Burton?

3. What party is Joan Burton in?

4. How tall is Joan Burton?

5. Who is the Labour Party leader?

Top questions asked since election was announced on February 3rd 2016 in Ireland on the Irish general election:

1. When is the election in Ireland?

2. Which constituency am I in?

3. Who should I vote for?

4. Who to vote for in the 2016 Ireland elections?

5. Who will win the next Irish general election?

Top related queries on the Irish general election since election was announced on February 3rd:

1. Election candidates 2016

2. Election date 2016

3. Election register

4. Election poster rules

5. Irish election polls