Objections to Jewish museum expansion


THE IRISH Jewish Museum has moved to reassure local residents that its plans for expansion will be in keeping with the neighbourhood.

The redevelopment plan for the museum on Walworth Road, in Dublin’s Portobello, attracted more than 20 objections before the observation period closed on September 20th. The museum is awaiting a decision on its planning application, which was lodged with Dublin City Council in August.

The museum is housed in two terraced houses on the street and the plan involves demolishing these houses as well as three adjoining ones so that the museum runs the length of the street.

Objections to the plan centre around its size and scale, as well as parking concerns. A spokeswoman for the museum said that while the houses would be demolished, the facades would be reinstated, so the structure would look the same, apart from a new entrance and other minor changes. She said it would not be larger or bulkier, as claimed.

She said it was disappointing that people had objected but she also noted that many of the objectors had highlighted their support for the museum.The plan includes a cafe, shop and public space including garden at ground level as well as archive storage space, an audiovisual room, toilet and staff area at basement level.