Nuncio says work on for peace


THE new Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Dr Luciano Storero, has called on political and religious leaders to continue to strive for peace following "the terrible event of Friday, February 9th".

Archbishop Storero, in a homily given last night at a liturgical reception in Dublin's Pro Cathedral, said it was incumbent on all leaders, political and religious, to foster dialogue and to follow the way of negotiations. Quoting from Pope John XXIII's encyclical, Pacem in Terris, Archbishop Storero said: "Peace will be an empty sounding word unless it is founded on truth, built according to justice, nourished on charity and brought into effect in freedom.

Calling for love in the home, he said Christians could not ignore or explain away "the spread of evil in our present society where old and vulnerable people are attacked, children are abandoned or abused, where love has grown cold for many spouses, where the carers are growing tired of loving service and where the lives of many are robbed of meaning through violence, abuse and other evils".

Without compassion and forgiveness it was, he said, impossible to foster healing and reconciliation.

The new nuncio said he had read and heard that he was arriving at a time of great challenge for the local church. He had received many letters of welcome.

The liturgical reception was hosted by the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Connell.