Norris unimpressed by 'Dickensian' Republic


Senator David Norris must still be driving that lovely old Jag, but the suspension can’t be great at this stage which probably explains why he has noticed the big improvement in roads around Dublin Castle.

There is “much tarmac being laid, potholes filled and roads made better” he noted in the Seanad on Wednesday.

Perish the thought that those politicians and Eurocrats in town for our EU presidency next year might experience a bumpy ride on their way to and from the airport.

Norris is unimpressed. “It is very largely a cosmetic exercise that conceals the reality for many people. Another soup kitchen is opening today . . . children in schools with no heating in the winter are being told by their teachers to jump up and down . . . it’s Dickensian.”

He urged Enda Kenny to ensure his forthcoming leadership of Europe will “not be cosmetic in the way the road improvements around Dublin Castle are”. Send them all up to Cavan. There’s a few roads around the place that could do with some fixing up.