NI Police Authority passes vote of no confidence in chairman


THE Northern Ireland Police Authority last night carried motions of no confidence in its chairman, Mr David Cook, and a leading member, Mr Chris Ryder.

The two men were accused of publicly discussing "highly political sensitive issues in public before the authority had reached agreement on the final draft of its report on policing.

They were reportedly in favour of having issues such as the flying of Union flags from police stations and reference to the queen in the RUC oath included in the report, so they would be publicly debated.

Their critics felt these matters should be left to politicians. Mr Ryder was also criticised for describing the authority in a recent television interview as "a performing poodle".

Speaking after the vote, Mr Ryder and Mr Cook pledged not to resign but to remain and support policies of openness and accountability.

Only the Northern Secretary, Sir Patrick Mayhew, has power to remove them.