New ways of working: Tara O'Rourke


Tara O'Rourke: Service style executive with O2 and self-employed holistic therapist

“I hate routine,” says Tara O’Rourke, who combines a full-time corporate job with work as a holistic therapist.

“On Saturday I’m Tara the homeopath and therapist. During the week I’m at O2, and I give that 100 per cent as well,” she says of the mix.

Combining her office job with four years of study at the Irish School of Homeopathy, O’Rourke qualified as a homeopath, having previously trained as a therapist with the organic skincare brand, Dr Hauschka. She feels both roles complement each other.

“I have a much better appreciation of my clients at the Dublin Holistic Centre because I know the busy corporate environment they might be coming from.” But she loves corporate life too, though she admits her O2 job title, “service style executive”, draws curiosity. “The role is really about creating a consistent experience for customers wherever they interact with us,” she says. “The tone, the language, the feel – whether it’s on the phone, in a shop or on the web, it should feel like you are dealing with O2.”

She says she can bring a little of her holistic side to the corporate environment too. After she made vitamin-rich juices for colleagues, the company introduced a juicer to its canteen.

She says she doesn’t want to do hands-on therapy full-time because it could be draining. The key to maintaining two careers, she says, is rhythm.

“You can have a busy schedule but do it from a good place where you have energy and are enjoying it. That’s the difference, I think.”