Musharraf says Pakistan will not initiate a war


Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said today "in a message to the world community" that Pakistan does not want war, and that it would not initiate a conflict with India.

"I would now like to convey a message to the world community. Pakistan does not want war. Pakistan will not be the one to initiate war. We want peace in the region,'' he said in a national address.

But he warned that tension with India was "at its height" and that there was a danger war could break out.

President Musharraf vowed that Pakistan would not allow terrorism to be launched from its soil, and said no infiltration was taking place into Indian-controlled Kashmir. He also denied any Pakistani involvement in the attack on India's parliament last December.

Appealing for national unity he promised to hold parliamentary elections between October 7th and 11th.

Five people were killed in separate shoot-outs in Kashmir today, while nine people were injured in a grenade blast and another two when a mine exploded, police said.

A policeman and eight Kashmiri Muslims were injured in a grenade attack by suspected Islamic rebels in south Kashmir, a police spokesman said.

He said rebels lobbed a hand grenade at a security force patrol in Anantnag town, 50 kilometers (34 miles) south of Srinagar, the state's summer capital, injuring nine people, including a policeman.