Mozambique on list for special Irish aid


Mozambique is a priority country for Government aid from Ireland.

The three main Irish aid agencies, Concern, Trocaire and GOAL also operate in the country.

Last year, the Irish Aid programme, run by the Department of Foreign Affairs, spent £6.3 million in Mozambique. The money went on improving water supplies and sanitation, healthcare, primary education and agriculture. Irish money was also spent removing landmines.

Irish Aid has so far allocated an additional £400,000 towards the current disaster.

Concern has been involved in Mozambique since 1987 and runs a number of programmes in rural development, education and community development. Last year, it spent £1.7 million on these programmes.

GOAL has been present since 1994 and employs two Irish staff on development projects. Trocaire works with local partners and is currently drafting in extra staff as backup for its resident development workers.